About Us

We are both ex-smokers (now) with about 25 failed attempts at giving up between us. The longest that one of us managed was about 2 years – and then one night out celebrating….

The thing with smoking is that we both enjoyed it, something we both considered to be unfortunate. We were well aware of what out little guilty pleasure/regular habit was probably doing to our health but after all those attempts at quitting we always went back to the trusty old fag.

About 3 years ago we met up for a drink with a friend who was over from Holland. After a couple of rounds of Dutch courage our friend pulled out an electronic cigarette and took a drag. Our 1st reaction – “Whoah, put it away we have a ban over here” – he smiled, winked and took another drag. We looked a bit closer, very intrigued indeed, something was not right at all – he didn’t light it for a start, up close it didn’t actually look a normal cigarette, and where was the smell?

As the landlord came over I thought this’ll be good. So we got our introduction to the electronic cigarette along with the pub landlord. He was amused and ‘happy to let it slide’, we were impressed, very impressed.

We ran the battery out between us and I have to say I was loathe to go back to the tobacco that night. We hit the internet as soon as we got back home and ordered our first ecigs. We have not gone back to tobacco since and can honestly say that we don’t want to – there are just too many upsides to the ecig.

Back then the electronic cigarette was really new, especially for the UK – so the lack of information and lack of established online retailers selling them was expected. Given the time that has now elapsed we are still surprised by the lack of credible information and low public awareness out there, but are at least happy that some major online retailers are now stocking them.

We genuinely see these products as a major advancement in the world of ‘smoking’, and we want to tell people about them.