How To Refill Your Aspire Electronic Cigarette

When you switch to electronic cigarettes, it may be important for you to buy pre-filled e-cigarette cartridges or to refill your cartridges by using e-liquid. By making a decision to refill the e-cig cartridges instead of disposing of them, you can save some money. In a bid to refill e-cig cartridges, you will have to purchase E-liquid or make your e-liquid for filling the cartridges. All the e-cig products can often be refilled by the use of E-liquid.

The process of E-Liquid filling into the cartridge is usually very tricky when it is being done for the first time. This is because most of them are not designed for reuse. However, if it is done in the right way, you will just smoke your preferred nicotine flavor.

There are two ways of refilling e-cigarette cartridge. These are the drip method and the injection method.


This method requires E-Liquid and a dripper. Here, the cartridge is opened up and the polyester filling situated inside the cartridge is removed. Then, a dropper is taken and few drops are dripped inside the cartridge. After this step, the filling is placed back gently and a few minutes are allowed to enable the filling to soak up the liquid. You may find it a little harder with aspire ecigs. There is informaiton about this available here -> aspire electronic cigarette – Smoke Guru. A few more drops are added to the filling to ensure it is saturated but not too much to prevent accumulation of the liquid at the top. There may be need to push the filling and add multiple drops to make sure that is entirely saturated with liquid nicotine. Finally, the cartridge is closed. This method often requires a lot of time because the filling must be given time for complete saturation.


This method needs materials like a syringe or an injector and E-Liquid. The best device to use in refilling e-cigarette cartridges and prevent spilling of e-liquid everywhere is a syringe. When a syringe is used, the e-liquid can be dispersed evenly along the filler. Besides, a syringe makes extracting e-liquid from a bottle very easy. Various lines of syringes are available for e-liquid refilling work at various prices.

There are six steps to be followed when refilling e-cigarette cartridges with a syringe.

Remove the white rubber cap at the end of the cartridge by using a small screwdriver or a tweezer.

Using the syringe, remove the e-liquid from the bottle and insert syringe needle at the center of the e-cigarette cartridge filler until the tip of the needle reaches close to the cartridge’s bottom. For the two-piece Cartomizer, ensure you do not damage the atomizer; insert the syringe directly at the mesh which is inside the Cartomizer tube. Depress the syringe plunger slowly as you move the needle. This ensures that the e-cigarette cartridge is filled evenly without overfilling.

Put another rubber cap of the electronic cigarette.

After filling the cartridge, install it on the electronic cigarette or cap it for future use.

Return any remaining e-liquid into the e-liquid bottle. The cap can also be placed on the syringe for topping up more cartridges.

Then wash the syringe. Use fresh water to fill the syringe and flush it several times. See our e cigarette FAQs section, for more answers to your questions.